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Laser Dentistry

At Reflections Dental Spa we use the latest technology to ensure you are always receiving the best level of care for your mouth or for your skin. Our Fotona Laser is a great tool that has a number of different applications and benefits to you.

Pain Management Options:

Photobiomodulation (PBM) using a Fotona Laser: The healing power of light. It used the laser energy to stimulate cells to naturally heal, relieve pain and reduce inflammation. Astr: This physical therapy option gently breaks down scar tissue and facia restriction and reduces inflammation and pain.

Periodontal Treatment:

This minimally invasive procedure stimulates fibroblasts which promotes healing and collagen production. This leads to less downtime and quicker healing. It has a hemostatic effect (shortens the clotting time of blood) while simultaneously disinfects.

Restorative Treatment:

Our lasers have the capability to prepare enamel, dentin, caries, cementum, and bone in addition to cutting soft tissue. The ability of hard tissue lasers to reduce or eliminate vibrations, microfractures, and some of the discomfort associated with tooth preparation.

In addition, these lasers can be used with a reduced amount of local anesthetic for many  procedures. They are used for the disinfection of bacteria within cavity prep, endodontic canals, and desensitization.

Gum Lift and Gum Brightening:

This is a highly personal decision that is made based on how you feel about your gums. If your gums are uneven or pigmented, or they cover too much of your teeth, then you may be a good candidate for gum lifting or gum brightening. We use our Fotona Laser with minimal downtime.

Our Biolase Laser is used by our hygiene team:

The is a laser that deep cleans and disinfects. Causes minimal discomfort in the chair and post-op, reduced inflammation and bleeding, and causes minimal soreness. Laser therapy blocks the pain signals transmitted from injured parts of the body to the brain. This decreases nerve sensitivity and significantly reduces the perception of pain. 

Sleep Apnea Management:

Essentially NightLase uses a laser that heats up and tightens the tissue in your mouth. This causes shrinkage of the soft palate and uvula and reduces tongue size. It is all about collagen building and tightening, in turn helps you and your partner get a restful nights sleep.

Nightlase takes minimum three sessions, three weeks apart Each appointment takes about 30-40 minutes. Effects from Nightlase are usually immediate. You should experience a reduction in your snoring that continues through the first month.

Once you reach maximum improvement, the results may last for a year or more. It may need combination therapy.

Cerec Milling

Cerec Milling Machine:

A Cerec machine is a dental tool used to make customized ceramic dental restorations in one visit This speeds up a process that typically requires sending a mold of a patient’s teeth to a dental laboratory to get a part made, which can take up to a week and requires multiple trips to the dentist.

Itero Scanner

Itero scanner with Niri technology (infrared), Carivu infrared detection, Occlusogram (to evaluate your bite), Intraoral cameras, Electric handpieces (to reduce vibration), Fotona laser, JVA joint vibration analysis, Tekscan to adjust occlusion, same day Cerec mill and scan, and Pearl AI (AI assisted X-ray software).

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