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Snore Guards

What is a Snore Guard?

A Snore Guard is an appliance that is worn only at night that prevents you from snoring. Most often, snoring is caused by an obstructed air way, which is typically produced by a patient's tongue falling back into their mouths. These appliances can sometimes be referred to as mandibular advancement devices, because they work to push the tongue forward to prevent it from blocking the airway. This can help in putting a stop to snoring once and for all.

Why Would You Need Snore Guards?

If you snore at night, most likely your family will know about it. Snoring can be incredibly disruptive to your loved ones as well as your own sleep. Loud snoring can cause you to wake up frequently during the night, which can cause problems with exhaustion and lethargy the next day. Wearing a Snore Guard can put a stop to snoring so that you breathe easier throughout the night.

What Makes You A Good Candidate For Snore Guards?

If you snore at night and are looking for quick, effective and natural treatment, the Snore Guard is right for you. The appliance is made just for you, so it's comfortable and fits perfectly in your mouth. The Snore Guard can last for years with proper care and maintenance and a new one can always be made if your current guard is showing signs of disrepair. Snore guards are made out of safe materials that can effective at putting an end to all types of nighttime snoring.

What Can You Expect When Having a Snore Guard Made?

To have the Snore Guard made, you'll come into our office and have impressions taken. The impressions are used by local dental lab techs to create the guard for you. The guard is shipped back to us and you'll come in to have it fitted. It's not uncommon to have to adjust the guard so that you find it more comfortable to wear. In order for the Snore Guard to be effective, you have to wear it all throughout the night. Keep the Snore Guard clean by soaking it in either mouthwash or a safe disinfectant that can be rinsed off and safely put into your mouth.

If you think you would benefit from a Snore Guard, call our office and our helpful staff members will be happy to further assist you.

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